<insert funny English accent > “Yessir, you like your food hot, spicy or Thai-Spicy? Yes yes, very vegetarian. It is fresh vegetables and pork!” </accent> God, I love Asia. Mijn favoriete Streetfood van Azie, here goes.

After being home for 3 weeks, the cheap street eats are probably one of the things I miss the most being back in Europe. And the sun. A lot of sun.

Don’t know what to eat? There’s favorite dishes and plenty of blogs out there to get you started. And if you can’t find anything and want to go cheap, just take a seat at one of those plastic little chairs with where the most locals eat and let them pick the dish for you. You won’t regret it. And Pro Biotics does wonders for the weak stomachs like mine…
Here’s my favorite foods, no particular order. And you should try them too. And when in Thailand, at least go for medium spicy, hot spicy, Thai Spicy once. And take your selfie stick.

Column: Reclame is niet het probleem

1. Khao Sai, Chiang Mai, Thailand

36 Streetfood December 07, 2015

2. Pho Bo, Everywhere in Vietnam


3. Bali Fried Pineapple Rice

35 Streetfood December 07, 2015

4. Thai Red/Green Seafood Curry

27 Streetfood November 25, 2015

5. Fish Amok, Cambodia

17 Streetfood November 20, 2015

6. Ho Chi Minh Honey & Mango Spare Ribs

16 Streetfood June 23, 2015

7. Yellow Thai Potato Curry

30 Streetfood November 25, 2015

8. Chang Chang Chang!

Telt bier ook als streetfood van azie?
Telt bier ook als streetfood?

9. Market Fruits, Vietnam
02 Streetfood June 04, 2015

10. Greasy Morning Glory
05 Streetfood June 07, 2015

Other local favorites

  • Pad Thai (Thai style Fried Noodles), Everywhere
  • Lawar Babi, Bali
  • Mango Sticky Rice, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup), Thailand
  • Lok Lak, Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Banana Pancakes, Ko Lanta, Thailand
  • Bubur mengguh, Bali
  • Any place that has plastic little chairs outside….
Streetfood van Azie met veel zeevruchten
14 Streetfood June 23, 2015
Streetfood van Azie met Katharina
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  • Kenneth
    Posted 20 november 2018 at 14:05 0Likes

    De plastic kinderstoeltjes op de straten zijn inderdaad een perfecte indicator voor delicious street food! *jummy*

    • yannick
      Posted 20 november 2018 at 17:08 0Likes

      Reken maar van yes! Ik mis het al

  • Lotte - scratchingmymap
    Posted 25 maart 2016 at 16:40 0Likes

    Het water loopt me in de mond bij het zien van je foto’s! Aftellen tot december, wanneer ik weer naar Azië ga… 🙂

    • Yannick
      Posted 25 maart 2016 at 16:41 0Likes

      Nice, keep me posted 🙂

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